The Employee

The companies who if say worried about the human factor, the motivation, and, because of this are not few, establish social programs, parties, accidental friday, distribute prizes, bond for results, etc., forgetting themselves basic it: to treat the employee as a person, whom if she estimates responsible. The studies are not few that had disclosed that the wage is not the question most important for a good environment of work - and the reality proves this. Only that the majority of the companies confuses a good environment of work with awardings, leaving to treat the employee as a professional, as a person capable and supposedly intelligent - after all, if it will not be, so that to keep it in the job? For the pleasure to control it? We go to leave that the employees hear music (to see television is something that it more good needs to be argued), that problems decide personal in working hours, that has more flexible schedules, that take off photocopies for personal use, that they talk with the friends in the computer, at last, goes to stop of wanting to contract the time of the people and to try in them to become gentlemen, owners, of them. Let us start to contract the service, knowing that this will be carried through by a person with qualities and defects, and goes worrying in them in making with that the contribution of each one is important for the result of the organization, and does not stop the functioning of the control rules. We go to pass in fact to consider the ideas and suggestions of the collaborators - this many times is more important for them that the proper wage - and let us leave of being controlling heads, dictators. Thus, little matters if definitive employee talks with another one on last chapter of the novel, if Sicrano is discrete sailing in erticos sites, if Someone is in a chat, if Beltrano is to the telephone with the namorada one.

If these permissions do not compromise the performance, the result of the work (that it is what the heads must demand), neither will compromise the profit of the company. if the people are charged by the quality and effectiveness of the work that carry through, fitting they to decide optimum way to carry through it, why to be worried about the personal life of them? If the people have the freedom to exert the proper responsibility, go to know to decide the moment for each thing. that minority that will not be responsible or capable goes to finish appearing front to excessively. She will not be covered for the current system, where all are considered partially irresponsible. Repeating, I do not believe that somebody can think only about work during 8 hours per day, 5 days per week (yes, also I find that it was the time of the necessity of a hours of working of 44 weekly hours). The people can be deluded, even though auto-to deceive itself, but they are not machines. Why, then, to insist that they act thus and to look for to control its attitudes, its emotions and its time? It will be that it is for not terms that to face the proper frustrations? It thinks about this. is not plus a controlling head.

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