Sauna With Glass Front

Design sauna with glass elements from the home sauna and more... GmbH warmth surrounds the body. A pleasant wood scent is in the air. Anyone entering a sauna, reached on a venue for the well-being. "And that's our goal," says Martin Trinkerl, of which his company sauna and more... GmbH has specialized in the design and production of saunas.

The Franconian company belongs to the market leaders in the country and abroad. Private individuals and operators of sauna and Spa facilities form the customer circle. Among these are, for example, the Chinese five-star hotel MGM Macau and other top addresses such as the London Pan peninsula. Who is implementing projects of this kind, can be sure of his success. Mr Trinkerl confirmed "In this environment to participate, of course very pleased", "with every room new interesting opportunities." The team of sauna and more developed for the sauna at the Pan Peninsula... GmbH a very special design: a generous glass front adorns the front area. Noble stone dominated inside. The seat and Ergonomically designed reclining options.

An integrated starry sky completes the exquisite Interior. "We plan our design exactly according to customer requirements," so the entrepreneur from Franconia. The result of this close cooperation is a custom-made sauna, now often a sauna with a glass front, which blends perfectly into the premises. The years of experience of wellness specialists ensures technical perfection. Heat, humidity and a metered air circulation are crucial parameters for an optimal sauna climate. The prerequisite for this is the right wood. In the sauna factory, the material by hand is rehearsed, carefully sorted and checked for its heat and humidity resistance. "We leave nothing to chance", promises Mr Trinkerl, "our clients expect a professional performance by us. We meet of course this claim." Sauna and more... One GmbH therefore relies on specific hand work. Automated production systems not can be found here. Each sauna is prior to their installation once completely assembled in the workshop of the master. To save valuable time at the customer, are numbered the items and prepared adaptation work exactly. In addition to expert advice and accurate production heard at sauna and more... GmbH in particular one to the service: finest factory with the seal "made in Germany". To learn more see: company portrait: the Frankish sauna and more... GmbH is headquartered in Sesslach and maintains an additional sales office in Ingolstadt, Germany. Business topics are the planning and production of high quality saunas, which are manufactured in his own master workshop. Image rights: Sauna and more... GmbH contact: FA. sauna and more... GmbH Martin Trinkerl Dorfstrasse 8 OT Oberelldorf 96145 Sesslach 09567/9811-990 company description the sauna and more... GmbH has your headquarters in Sesslach and maintains an additional sales office in Ingolstadt, Germany. The companies focus in his own master workshop is focused on the production of high-quality Spa and sauna facilities, manufactured be. Press contact contact: wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373

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