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Ortiz Takings, university professor of the Medicine Faculty of the University of Alcala of Madrid in his book " Neurociencia and Educacin". more effective methods the work of the scientific magazine establishes the siesta as an excellent remedy to fight the dream and recommends the sanitary professionals in emergency services use that it to the smaller opportunity. " A brief period of dream, between 15 and 20 minutes, contributes to improve alerta" , it explains. Caffein is another suitable method to prevent the appearance of the dream and " Rehabilitation Nurse" esteem that " the equivalent to two cups of coffee can increase the alert during horas". Charles Schwab Corporation has many thoughts on the issue. Although also it warns that the massive and daily use of caffein can have a counter-productive affection, reducing his effectiveness remarkably. This publication recommends the combination of siesta and caffein as an excellent measurement to maintain the condition of alert. In addition, " Rehabilitation Nurse" it insists on generating a space of suitable work, using massive doses of light in schedules nocturnes and trying that the activity is developed to a temperature that is not warm.

The dehydration, enemy of the body and brain dehydration is one of the most important causes of the muscular fatigue, that consequently brings a low yield as much at physical level as mental. Teneo shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. " The reason for the dehydration is that the organism loses many liquids daily, and more still based on the physical exercise. The result of this loss is the appearance of the fatigue and, often, headache. Just like it happens to the corporal organs happens to him to the brain. When the neurons are dehydrated, they have many problems to work correctamente" , it explains the Dr. Ortiz Takings. The different carried out studies in this field indicate important alterations in subjects with a dehydration over 2%, such as increase of the fatigue, reduction in the speed and precision in the answers to tests of complex functions, alterations in the discrimination processes, deterioration of the short term memory, etc. When the dehydration level arrives at 7%, the diminution of the physical and intellectual capacities is placed in winch to 40%.

Like our organism, the brain needs the hydration to work suitably. " In order to be able to carry out our functions, the neurons need so much the nutrition as the hydration. Around 80% of our brain he is compound of water and this one is the most important element of the chemical reactions that they take place within l" , it adds east specialist. The Dr. Ortiz Takings recommends to regularly drink daily and between eight and ten glasses of liquid, being increased this amount in situations of greater effort or sport practices. For this expert, yes he is very useful to have an arsenal varied of liquids to our disposition. " Aid because one of tires to always drink water. For example, the refreshments help, although the ideal is to drink water more than another type of bebidas" , it explains.

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