Musical Development

Varied taste of music between the population exists but let us know that they are made popular musics for the men, not if it can compares with a music made for God and its sanctity. When somebody handle the rhythm of the dumb world and the letter for message of evangelho of Jesus, must separate the moments if it is for dancing if it is for crying out or same to be thoughtful and quiet. Therefore in the world each music and for an emotional state that the PERSON LIVES. IS NOT SAME THING FOR the Church, therefore this lives in the presence of God and It must it in any situation of our life reverence. Musics of the world are made to take to a revolt attitude or provocation to the next relief or even though criticize and suggestions of prostitutions and crimes. When somebody makes uses of these musics moving the constructive letter for something and of God it must also have a transformed life to take care of and to watch over for its certification, therefore it starts opposes to sing it that the world teaches the rhythm even so is the same.

He is I validate I appeal it and the message that the letter passes, but must break up itself of cult of worship and repentance or conjunct, these musics must be of evangelismo or parties with incredulous guests, or until calls music festivals gospel. We must know that God does not need to hear these musics sung for in the ones for its dither and yes cnticos that they please to it with consecrated lives singing. Popular musics are made for the taste of the world and God does not stop. They exaltam the ego, abate the ego, say of sadness and tragedy or adventures prostitutions crimes violence and wars. God does not want to hear this for its louvor, but he wants yes that it we exaltemos with life and cntico that exalte and speak to it of its largeness.

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