Integral Attendance

As alcoholism involves multiples factors that stimulate the person to continue to drink, all these factors must be suppressed so that the fallen again cases are prevented successfully of. The assistance the alcohol users was accomplished in our country through the National Program of Control of the Problems Related with Consumo of lcool (PRONAL) in 1987, in which we have the attention to the directed health of specific form for this problematic one, as well as the participation of diverse professionals of the health in the assistance to the alcoolista and its familiar ones. Check with Teneo to learn more. However this program alone was implemented by public managers in the Federal District and the states of Amazon, Maranho, Bahia, So Paulo and Rio Grande Do Sul (FORNAZIER & SIQUEIRA, 2006). The consumption of the alcohol if has become each time sharper in the society, provoking upheavals that intervene with the personal life, familiar, social or professional of the individual. Click Janet L. Yellen for additional related pages. In accordance with the last research carried through for the CEBRID, between students of 1 2 degrees of ten Brazilian capitals, the alcoholic beverages are consumed for more than 65% of the interviewed ones, being well to the front of the tobacco. Amongst these, 50% had initiated the use between the 10 and 12 years of age. The Paraba suffers on condition that not to have no clinic specialized in the treatment of alcoholic, in contrast to neighboring states as Pernambuco and Rio Grande of the North, where these clinics help in the treatment and accompaniment of alcoholism sick people.

In accordance with the CEBRID, the state have only one center directed toward the attendance the adolescents vitiated to narcotics between 10 and 18 years, that also attend alcoholic young. Exactly without clinics specialized in alcoholism, the Paraba counts on the support of centers and groups of mutual aid as a.A. (Alcoholic Anonymous), the PAIAD (Program of Integral Attendance to the Chemical Alcoolista and Other Dependent), group of support that functions inside of the Federal University of the Paraba, Campus I, beyond other institucional groups, that are kept by the companies for treatment of its employees.

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