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Every marketer knows that context-sensitive advertising (advertising, which responds to user queries in search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler, etc.) - this is one of the most controlled type of advertising in the arsenal of marketing and advertising company. Let me remind you that with the help of contextual advertising, you can: - just choose your target audience - choose the time and geography of display advertising - quickly change, add targeted ads depending on situation market and sales activity - constantly monitor the flow of advertising funds and make quick adjustments, but our expectations always exceed our capabilities, including expectations and opportunities from contextual advertising. Always want something bigger and more efficient. In this case, to help us, and contextual advertising may come on-line consultant. Or rather the opportunity to pay attention to each visitor who came to shortcut property of the Yandex search engine, Google, Rambler, etc.

This is a prestigious car show, before we cross the threshold, as suits us and the manager kindly offered his assistance: "Hello, how can I help?". Click Joeb Moore to learn more. Task context advertise to invite to this salon are interested in buying a car, visitors, and the problem of online consultant did not leave the visitor without attention, to assist him and thereby contribute to making a purchase. It looks like this: 1. A visitor comes to your site, for example, clicking on the popup ad, 2. The computer tells you snooze, that someone came to your site 3.

You see where this person came (clicked on the shortcut ad banner or simply search from Yandex). Also you can see in the online mode as it moves through the pages of your site and how much time is there. 4. You will then take 2-3 minutes to invite this person speak or in other words to help him. 5. 10-25% of visitors to the site accepts your invitation, and you enter, contact him or if you simply sell his product or service. Let's now look at the numbers: In contextual advertising on the estimated conversion of customers ranges from 1% to 5% (ie from 1 to 5 out of 100 visitors to become customers make a purchase or request). With a function call, 10-20% of visitors will accept your invitation (ie, from 10 to 20 out of 100 visitors to the site may become a client and make a purchase or request). Please note that the figures above is the general statistics of site visits, and visitors from contextual advertising - already your potential customers, because they came to your target search and clicked on your contextual ads, so the response rate may be even greater and therefore sales. Summary. Now new web - technology, if desired, and patience allow a high degree of efficiency to manage their advertising and to turn Internet users into your customers, and just want to take the initiative.

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