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The location can be the decisive criterion the business plan belongs to each prepare a business start-up, whether for the founding grant or funding from pages of the Bank. The business plan gives you clarity about your project you and the lender - at the business plan, there is no way so passes. In addition to other important components, a description of the planned site belongs in a business plan. What belongs in the description? What is important to remember it? Who plans, for example, a business start-up in Berlin and there plans to open an online shop, quickly realizes that the site plays only a minor role. Then a few a few sentences enough to describe the site. Cost for homepage and agency, size and layout of the premises, and may have a few additional comments already is the site description for the business plan ready.

At a retail store, which is a dream of many founders, especially for a start-up in Berlin, she will The question of location to the important decision criterion. For this purpose, founders who want to present the business plan to a bank should use about a page in the business plan. But also for the founding grant founder should do the bother and describing in detail the site theme. In addition to the clarification of the exact site include more important details in the description: information about the connections with public transport, the exact size of the rooms, costs for the rental and conversions, the number of passers-by, the presence of parking, competitors or additional offers in the vicinity of the site or the economic situation in the targeted district. All aspects that are important for the store should be pointedly described. In the example of a business with retail store, this means to describe the style of furniture and to underpin any sketches or to illustrate.

A photograph of the planned store from the outside with views to the surroundings of the Loading can be very helpful in the business plan. In the annex promoters can accommodate a card, in which important other facilities in the area can be found: S-Bahn stops, competitors, the closer environment of the shop in the overview, etc. belongs in such a card, which must be drawn by hand. Whether it is to start a business in Berlin or elsewhere is: If the site for your project is important, you should never so save at the wrong end - site -. A good location is an important prerequisite for the success of many start-ups. Founders know this must clearly emerge from the business plan. This text was provided by Christina Panhoff for

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