The trend of combining styles has meant a revolution in the decoration. It allowed us (with discretion and good taste) introduce pieces that we've always wanted to have and mix colors without fear to play in our House. According to Charles Schwab Corporation , who has experience with these questions. And it is that we can not deny that parts or accessories in energizing tones bring a warm, cozy touch and transmit vitality. Orange is one of the colors that complies with the requirements mentioned above, but which also has the advantage of combining with the majority of basic tones used in decoration. So if you're looking for a change to the different rooms in your home and you have still not decided what is the hue most appropriate to create warmth, we suggest you decant by the (or the) shades of orange that better match your current decor. The cleanliness and purity of the white conveys sense of relaxation.

But we also need items that motivate us to wake up every morning with energy in a bedroom. To do this you can add notes of orange in the bed linen and small complementosdecorativos. For classic environments choose an orange tone off, since it harmonizes perfectly with classics such as beige and brown colors. In the Hall of the image dressed the walls in that color, an effect which softens, since the carpentry (doors, frames and baseboards) is in beige and upholstery of the furniture in a very dark beige tone. A very pop decor is which includes shades such as Bubblegum pink, mauve clear and strong orange. All in textiles: upholstery, rugs and cushions; and add-ins. This combination is ideal for youth spaces. Sober current style is this Hall, which is predominantly grey and orange combination.

The dimensions of the box are not necessary to include too many decorative accessories in the rest of the environment. The following image is a clear effect of what can be achieved with subtle splashes of color: transform into cozy, simple and cool space. A rug in black and orange, was added to the combination of white walls and grey sofa an orange plaid and small cushions in that color. The Orange have space in all styles. For example, if what you like is country style, you can enter a piece of furniture in wood pickled in this key, such as the trunk of the image (a very versatile piece of furniture). Original author and source of the article

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