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The limit you need represents the invoiced amount which remains to maximum for the respective customer. For example, You have a customer who ordered goods continuously monthly for 100 T with a payment term of 60 days. Therefore, this customer has permanently 200 T open, then this corresponds to the required limit. Accounts receivable for the no limit is drawn from the reinsurers are (almost always) involved not in the factoring. Facility / registration fee: This fee initial creation of accounts receivable for the factor and the electronic networking in the re banks at the start of a factoring for the EDP - between your company and the billing system of the factors. Almost all factoring banks operate in real time with an online account, so that your accounts receivable and payment claims payments are possible in turn at any time around the clock.

The costs vary number of predictions, funding, Accounts receivable, companies of all sizes and EDV engineering effort, very strong. (2500 - 20,000). Factoring costs: Some factoring banks offer companies an all-in fee up to 1.0 or 2.0 million annual turnover. This is then usually all costs (factoring fee, interest rate, cost of the limit tests) and as a "flat rate" to look at. The costs are generally in individual positions from 2 million (E.g. factoring fee, interest rate, cost of limit tests cost a tax audit, use of the online system, Setup and entry fee, etc.) broken down. . Factoring fee: these ranges (as of 07-2009) of 0.20% (45 million turnover, good credit, twin I TP INP.

WKV) up to 6% ALL IN (100 T sales start-up). Interest: Most companies working on based on the 3 - month or 1-month Euribor plus an interest charge between 2.50% up to 8.50%. Limit testing costs: existing customers, as well as new customers are on your re-insurance capacity / limit out (at least 1 X) reviewed annually). ENT see Pro customer costs, depending on the funding, between 25-65. These are included to a certain extent at ALL IN fees. Limit - self-assessment: provide some funding (mostly in larger Untenrehmen) a self-examination of E.g. 80% of existing customers. In practice, this means that the entrepreneur must supply its (previously selected) existing customers with a pre-agreed limit, unless provided in the last 12 months at least 2 positive payment experience.As long as the entire open items (debitorisch) moving in the agreed limit (E.g. 5 T, 10 T, 25 T, 50 T), is Delcredereschutz (Forderugnen are insured against loss). The advantage for the business lies in the fact that a significantly reduced annual fee (5-10 per customer) will be charged for self tested accounts receivable. FGM - subsidies - variant: we have the alternate Kit on the basis of a Commission waiver to the selected funding your framework conditions (Fee structure) to reduce. In this case, we charge a one-time handling fee of our customers. This is well below your long-term savings. FGM/c are presented both contract models to compare prospects available. Financing group SME 76316 Malsch goethestrasse 37 contact: Mr. Benjamin Ballard telephone: 0 72 46 308 170 fax: 0 72 46 308 170 9 email: bohrmann(at)

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