Belarus Radunitsa

April 28 marked in Belarus Radunitsa - All Souls' Day. Radunitsa - one of the oldest holidays rooted in pagan times, the Eastern Slavs and linked with the cult of ancestors. After the baptism of Rus began his mark on St. Thomas week. On this day the Orthodox cemetery visit and pray for the...

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The Employee

The companies who if say worried about the human factor, the motivation, and, because of this are not few, establish social programs, parties, accidental friday, distribute prizes, bond for results, etc., forgetting themselves basic it: to treat the employee as a person, whom if she estimates...

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In its management he emphasizes the importance of the education (Oliveira, 1985)? Authenticating ' ' All the Santos' ' it offered its laborers, between which if inclua housing, feeding and instruction (Oliveira, 1985 P. 50)? Peter mentions itself to D. to All the Saints...

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Modular Shelves

The special feature of your living room can become a small table, a better sliding. Behind it is convenient to drink coffee or read a magazine. Bright decorative elements are the original holders, cabinets, racks and other furniture for equipment and tv. Time bulky wall over. Modular systems have...

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Old Republic

With the objective to argue the representations of the women in the Old Republic, we choose as source for our study, the periodicals that had circulated in the end of century XIX beginning of the XX. These periodic ones in them seem to be a privileged universe of allied research since to the...

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