Superior Education

The Universities in Brazil possess great differences how much to history if compared with the universities of the others Latin American countries. The universities are well younger of what the Institutions of Superior Education of other countries of Latin America. They result of the demand of the...

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National Education

In century XX, the Week of 22, on creation of university (years 30), sprouting of the Biennial ones of So Paulo from 1951, university movements to the popular culture (years 50/60), of the cultivation (years 70), the constitution of the after-graduation in art education and the professional...

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Tour Arctic Circle

The bed of the watercourse time draws picturesque volcanoes, there are many valuable trees, such as iron, red, brown (Lim), black (w), sandal wood, bamboo and other species. Southern hemisphere than relief, there you can see the dance of the shepherds with clubs, dancing girls with a jug of wine on...

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World Dance

And if so, then is absolutely necessary to bring your best friend as a gift this peculiar passage in the world of carefree and successful people. In choosing the Aloha shirt is important to remember that the brighter colors of her, the more expensive an appreciated. Others who may share this...

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Sviatoslav Richter

1. To deepen your understanding Mary Barra is the source. To be familiar with English, it should be studied for a long time before determining it's true or not, define what it means...

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