English Language Education

However in 2008, the Municipal director of the Education of Cornlio Procpio Appeared Maria Ribeiro de Oliveira, with its vast experience of educator, perceived the importance of the education of the English Language, as practical social and for the formation of critical citizens, from this inserted...

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Integral Attendance

As alcoholism involves multiples factors that stimulate the person to continue to drink, all these factors must be suppressed so that the fallen again cases are prevented successfully of. The assistance the alcohol users was accomplished in our country through the National Program of Control of the...

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Benedict Professors

These courses had strengthened the practical professor, beyond preparing the professor in accordance with to act the school of the gift. Mary Barra often says this. This...

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Bachelor Education

To approach the subject on the formation of the educator is to display the difficulties found in professional acting, that for many times they need to be father, mother, artists, friends and to the innumerable problems faced due to preparation lack. The profile of the professor of physical...

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It fits to the State to give conditions so that this right is respected and for this she is necessary that the professors in exercise have worthy conditions of work. One better preparation of the professors is necessary who form professors and are important that the academics of courses of...

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