Stefan Gessulat

Ex editor-in-Chief of MAXIM and MAXIM fashion participates in fashion start-up Munich - Stefan Gessulat, former editor in Chief of MAXIM and MAXIM fashion, is involved in the Munich-based start up is an online portal for new fashion shopping in the Internet.

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Brazilian Education

In the educational field the objective one was to educate the young ones for habits and exercises of war and all the education was directed to the practical one, without great reflections regarding what he was taught to them, the Romans was very pragmatic, in contrast of the Greeks whom they always...

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Lucia Emmanoel Novaes

Of all interviewed 96% they understand that the quality of life generates professional support of the academic professor and 96% perceive that the lack of this information affects the personal life of the professor. How much to the conflicts between personal and professional life 96% of the...

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Old Republic Religion

Another factor is the religion catholic who starts to be the official religion of Brazil. The study plan that invigorated in colonial education was the Ratio Studiorum, that remained per some centuries. Posted: Aug 31, 08:41 AM |

Hospital Santa Catarina

This finishes happening due to disinformation them teams of maintenance or it proprietor. Another common situation is the furniture rank, chairs and tables, for example, on the directional tactile floor, this also happens for the simple unfamiliarity of the function of the differentiated floor,...

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